About me

Hi I am Revathi, wife and a mom of a cute little 3 yrs old boy, I am from Alappuzha ( god’s own country) Kerala, the place for traditional spices … I am a full-time homemaker ..spend a lot of time cooking and also with ma son ..it’s my responsibility & pleasure to serve healthy and delicious food to my family with traditional taste, I always try to make the best food so that my little boy can also eat. So living in the world of spices how cannot we love cooking.. so I started to intro my best recipe to this world through letz cook, like all girls. I also learned cooking from my mom She was the best cook for me and after getting married my mother in law also taught me how to cook more delicious, so my both moms are my teachers for cooking that improved me a lot..in my videos I had only introduced simple recipe with lots of taste,u can try it on without any doubt. .I had explained my recipe in a simple way that everyone can understand… mostly for beginners…
If still, u have any doubt regarding my recipe pls let me know,u can ask through comments or mail..and also u r free to live comments, tips & suggestions 

My channel is not only based on cooking, I have included health tips , beauty tips and unboxing..
Health tips and beauty tips are based on my own experiences.
Beauty tips I had shared is my mom’s tips which we had tried and got success..and it’s natural beauty care tips..
Health tips are my own experience that I shared..
And different varieties of recipies that’s can be prepared easily.

All food lovers pls watch out my facebook page to learn & taste varieties of recipies,health tips beauty tips &unboxing .you wil definitely find it healthy…
We are passionate about cooking,baking , tips and all……